Speed Without Compromise

Envision One

The most advanced desktop 3D printer combines speed, simplicity, and innovation to provide your end-to-end solution for all your dental applications.

Envision One 3d Dental Printer

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A Comprehensive System for Intuitive Workflow


1. Personalize

Easily take digital impressions by using one of the 25 compatible leading dental scanners with our full Exocad integration.


2. Prepare

Use design software to enhance those digital impressions or simply use our one click Hyperprint automated workflow to let the software do all the work.


3. Print

Our printer uses advanced technology backed by more than 2 decades of development to deliver speed and performance.


4. Post Process

Rapidly clean and cure your 3D printed parts so you have stronger dental applications in less time.

Designed for High Volume Production

Engineered to run day and night in a production environment, the Envision One also offers remote monitoring and job starting capabilities for ease of use.

Accuracy With Minimal Supports

Proprietary design software parameter optimization delivers accurate parts every time with minimal supports.

385nm LED Projection Tech that Delivers Speed & Strength

Our custom projector used in Envision One delivers high-intensity light uniformly across the entire build surface. Developed specifically for 3D printing, each projector’s output is checked at key points across the build surface for accuracy measured down to the individual pixel. It’s the only way to ensure a perfect, accurate print. Every single time.

Flexcera Ultra+ 3D Printing Dental Resin

Premium grade, FDA-cleared

Rapidly Growing Leading Dental Materials Portfolio with >60 Validated Materials

Now Offering Open Certified 3D Print Materials

Desktop Health's large library of FDA-cleared biocompatible resins and precise model materials represent outstanding value and quality for every clinical application.

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Save Time. Just Hyperprint

Do more with our 1 click design and rapid prototyping software made to maximize output and efficiency.


Complete Clean and Cure Solution

Streamline and automate post-processing with the wash and cure products that complete your 3D printing system.

Wash and Cure Products

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Your Simple & Complete Digital Dentistry Workflow

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