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Case Study: 3D-Bioprinted Ear Canal Implants

Discover Hannover Medical School's pioneering bioprinting feat: creating customized, drug-releasing ear canal implants using the innovative 3D-Bioplotter®. Uncover this groundbreaking ENT advancement in our detailed case study.

Case Study-Hannover Med School (MHH)

3D-Bioplotter® Brochure

As the world's first commercially available 3D bioprinter, the 3D-Bioplotter® is extensively validated by a wealth of scientific research. Delve deeper into the world of Desktop Health and the 3D-Bioplotter®.

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Ultimate Guide to Digital Light Processing (DLP)

This comprehensive guide provides a technical overview of DLP printing, along with the latest information on innovations in machine design, from bottom-up to top-down printing.