SmileGuard 3D Printed Bite Splints

FDA-cleared 3D Printed Dental Bite Splints, Night Guards, and Mouth Guards.

For dental professionals looking to protect their patient smiles from stress-related dental conditions, SmileGuard resin is the 3D-printed splint with the most bite. Offering the perfect blend of strength and comfort, this breakthrough light-curable resin formulation delivers stunning clarity and superior quality with optimal strength and shape retention for durable protection coupled with soft flexibility for a comfortable and perfect fit. 

SmileGuard offers a customized fit with

high-impact resistance to


✔ Teeth grinding

✔ Clenching

✔ Abrasions

✔ TMD (Temporomandibular disorder)


Meredith Gantos"SmileGuard has been a game changer for our team and patients! The ability to fabricate a high-quality appliance quickly is transformative for patients in pain and in need of immediate relief. 

The SmileGuard resin material is comfortable for patients to wear while being durable for long-term predictability. It prints clean and with a beautiful finish, so we are able to deliver the final product confidently and quickly to our patients."

Dr. Meredith Gantos
Gantos Dental Group
Naperville, IL

Jonny Jakson

“This material is so comfortable and high quality. My lingual border of the bite splint is 1.2mm thick and it is solid. It has thermal plastic abilities when it sits in your mouth and warms up a bit becomes slightly more comfortable. I'm trying to chew the heck out of it and so far nothing

Our lab will be switching to this material for our bite splints. 

Great job. A+ for the chemists.”

Jonny Jackson
Evolve Dentistry
Buffalo, NY

Anthony Mennito DMD

"As someone who has been utilizing 3D printed nightguards in my practice for a few years, I was very impressed with the fit and feel I've been getting out of my Einstein 3D printed SmileGuard resin.  

I printed one for myself and the level of comfort clearly exceeds that of my old lab fabricated acrylic guard."

Dr. Tony Mennito
Expertise Dental
Charleston, SC

SmileGuard Graph

The Perfect Blend of Strength and Comfort

  • Flexural Strength for strength
  • Shore D Hardness for comfort
  • Flexural Modulus for shape retention
  • Elongation of Break for durability
  • Biocompatible for patient safety

Compatible with your Einstein™ 3D printing workflow.

SmileGuard prints in ~30 minutes flat


✔ Fast to process

✔ Easy to polish

✔ Easy to place

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