Flexcera: The Future of
3D Printing Dental Resins

Flexcera™ is a breakthrough 3D priting dental resin for the fabrication of beautiful, functional dental prosthetics with ceramic-like strength and life-like beauty. Available in Flexcera™ Smile, Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+, Flexcera™ Base, and Flexcera™ Base Ultra+ 3D priting materials with a wide range of shades to match natural tooth and gingiva intended for both permanent and temporary 3D printed dental restorations.

Flexcera - certified 3D printing dental resin family

Featuring Proprietary Long-Chain Chemistry

Dedication Meets Innovation: 3+ Years in Development

Diving deep into the world of material science, our commitment to excellence has led us through an extensive development journey for Flexcera. With more than 200 formulations of 3D printing materials meticulously studied, our proprietary long-chain chemistry emerges as a beacon of innovation in 3D printing dental resin manufacturing.

By leveraging this advanced chemistry, Flexcera promises ceramic-like strength and lifelike aesthetics, ensuring optimal results for dental professionals and patients. Experience the culmination of research, passion, and cutting-edge technology in every drop of Flexcera.

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Greater Resistance to

vs. ISO Standard 3D Printing Dental Resin



More Resistant to

Flexcera Charts Moisture

Resistance to deformation defined by Flexcera Base Ultra+ DIN EN ISO 20795-1 flexural strength (MPa) when used in the Otoflash curing unit, results on file, 08/2023; Lucitone® Digital Print Denture Balanced Material Properties by Dentsply Sirona published January 2024; and Polyjet Dental Materials TrueDent™ Specifications by Stratasys as published January 2024.

Moisture resistance third-party tested for Flexcera™ Smile vs. NextDent MFH Bleach, 2021 (results on file).

Proven Next-Generation Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+

Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) Class II cleared, MDR Class IIa certified, and CE-marked medical device for the additive manufacturing of permanent or temporary 3D printed artificial teeth for dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays & veneers, and full, monolithic, or partial dentures.

A Hybrid Nanoceramic 3D Printing Dental Resin with Lifelike Lustre & Translucency


Strength Redefined:
Flexcera Base Ultra+

Flexcera™ Base Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) Class II cleared, CE Marked, and MDR Class I certified medical device for the additive manufacturing of 3d printed denture bases for full and partial removable dentures.

Flexcera Base Ultra+ for perfect 3d printing denture base resin

Long-chain chemistry delivers a stronger & stiffer 3D printed denture base for thinner designs

Flexcera 3D Printed Denture Anatomy Lesson

Available in a Range of Colors to Match Individual Patient Smiles

Base Ultra+

Flexcera Ultra+ perfect pair of dental 3D printing resin material

Smile Ultra+


Hear from Those We've Served

The smiles we create with 3D printed Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+ dental resin speak volumes. Don't just take our word for it – explore our Flexcera Smiles showcase and witness the transformative power of our dental restorations through the eyes of our satisfied patients. Their stories are a testament to the exceptional quality and natural aesthetics that Flexcera™ 3D printing dental resin brings to digital dentistry.

Flexcera is Validated for these Trusted Dental 3D Printing Platforms

Flexera family of 3D print resins works with Desktop Health, ETEC, Carbon and Asiga 3D printing platforms
Flexcera family of certified 3D printing dental resins, Flexera is a FDA Cleared ,MDR Certified and CE Marked 3D priting dental resin family

Flexcera Smile Ultra+, Smile, Base Ultra+, and Base 3D printing resin family is validated for Einstein, Einstein Pro XL, EnvisionOne, and D4K dental 3D printers.

Flexcera Smile Ultra+, Smile, and Base are validated for Carbon, Asiga Max UV, Max 2, Ultra, and Pro 4K dental 3D printers.

Committed to excellence and compliance, Desktop Health ensures compatibility with these trusted, high-powered DLP® 385 nm wavelength 3D printers to deliver patient safe, personalized 3D printing dental solutions.

Passing a suite of ISO testing, Flexcera approved digital dental workflows deliver accuracy of prints, polymerized mechanical properties, and biocompatibility.

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Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II, CE marked, and MDR Class IIa cleared medical device for the additive manufacturing of permanent or temporary artificial teeth for dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays & veneers, and full, monolithic, or partial dentures.

Flexcera™ Smile is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II and MDL Class II cleared medical device for additive manufacturing of artificial teeth for dentures.

Flexcera™ Base is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II medical device for additive manufacturing of full denture bases.