Flexcera Ultra+ certified 3D Priting Dental Material MDR CE FDA

Flexcera: The Future of Dental Resins

Flexcera™ is a breakthrough dental resin for the fabrication of beautiful, functional dental prosthetics with ceramic-like strength and life-like beauty. Available in Flexcera™ Smile, Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+, and Flexcera™ Base materials with a wide range of shades to match natural tooth and gingiva intended for both permanent and temporary dental restorations.

Trusted Quality and Regulatory Compliance

At Desktop Health, we prioritize your peace of mind. Our Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+ is not only FDA-cleared but also MDR-certified and CE-marked. This trio of esteemed certifications underscores our commitment to delivering dental solutions that meet the highest global standards for quality and safety. Experience innovation with confidence – choose Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+ for unparalleled dental restorations.


More Resistant to


Flexcera Charts Fracture


More Resistant to


Flexcera Charts Moisture

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Ray's Journey to an Amazing Smile

Ray’s two-decade struggle with tooth loss led him to seek out Amazing Smiles, a practice that could help him regain his "Al Green smile." With the help of Flexcera™ and 3D printing technology, we made his dream a reality. Watch Ray's joyful journey to reclaim his smile.

Now partnering with Carbon®

We are proud to announce the official partnership of Desktop Health and Carbon. As two leaders in the oral health additive manufacturing space, this landmark partnership now offers our leading biocompatible dental resin, Flexcera, to the Carbon customer network of dental laboratories.


Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II, CE marked, and MDR Class IIa cleared medical device for the additive manufacturing of permanent or temporary artificial teeth for dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays & veneers, and full, monolithic, or partial dentures.

Flexcera™ Smile is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II and MDL Class II cleared medical device for additive manufacturing of artificial teeth for dentures.

Flexcera™ Base is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II medical device for additive manufacturing of full denture bases.

Fracture resistance defined by Flexcera™ Base work of fracture (J/m²) vs. published work of fracture for Lucitone® Digital Print, Lucitone® 199, and Lucitone® HIPA by Dentsply Sirona; Moisture resistance third-party tested for Flexcera™ Smile vs. NextDent MFH Bleach, 2021 (results on file)