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3D Printed Smiles: Fact or Fiction?

Presented By Wally Renne, DMD

July 11, 2022   5:00 PM PT | 8:00 PM ET

Desktop Health's Dental 3D Printers

For dentists and patients alike, the notion of a 3D printed permanent restoration is hard to believe. But, thanks to advancements in both 3D printing technology and resin material, this ‘fiction’ is now becoming a fact.

Join Dr. Wally Renne, dental educator and vice president of clinical strategy at Desktop Health, as he debunks the most common myths and misconceptions about today’s 3D printing capabilities, and discusses how these advancements are translating into the dental practice.

During this session, Dr. Renne will highlight top applications using his Einstein™️ 3D printer and Flexcera™️ resin from Desktop Health, including smile design, veneers, crowns, dentures and removable prosthetics.

Other learning objectives will include:

How 3D printing is revolutionizing the same-day patient experience — plus, factors to consider when determining if it is the right fit for your office
The advantages of Flexcera resin for achieving 3D printed smiles in less than 30 minutes
An overview of a patient case from start to finish, touching upon digital impressioning, design, 3D printing and characterization

About the Presenter

Renowned dental innovator and educator, Dr. Wally Renne is the co-founder of the Modern Optimized Dentistry (MOD) Institute, where he leads all learning and advancement initiatives, and is also a contributing member of MOD Aesthetics, the private practice arm of MOD.

Previously, Dr. Renne also served as a Professor and Assistant Dean of Innovation and Digital Dentistry at the Medical University of South Carolina, and he has won several national and regional awards for his efforts, both pre-clinically and clinically.

With more than 30 published studies on scan and milling accuracy using various systems, and several patents to his name, including a platform of long-term antimicrobial dental materials, Dr. Renne brings a robust wealth of expertise, experience, and regard to the Desktop Health team.


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