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History of 3D Printing and the Future of Dentistry

Presented By Daron Clark, DMD

Originally Aired on May 9, 2022

Desktop Health's Dental 3D Printers

From the invention of the .stl file to printed aligners and definitive restorative materials, learn the history of 3D printing to understand better the incredible recent advancements in 3D printing and its effects on Chairside Dentistry.

About the Presenter

Dr. Daron Clark is a General Dentist with a practice in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. In addition to the normal scope of general dentistry, his practice has a focus on TMD, Cranio-facial Pain, Dental Orthopedics, and Sleep Dentistry. Dr. Clark has a profound interest in the evolving world of Dental Technology. He has incorporated innovations such as multiple lasers, CAD/CAM Restorative, CBCT, 3D Printing, Electromyography, and Jaw Tracking into his office workflows to broaden the scope of treatment options, improving patient outcomes and experiences. A native of Mississippi, and a lifelong soccer player, Dr. Clark is also and avid runner and cyclist.

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