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Innovative Digital Dentures with EnvisionTEC and New Flexcera™

Presented By Joshua Jakson

November 4, 2021   3:00PM PT | 6:00PM ET

Desktop Health's Dental 3D Printers

Are you curious about the advantages of 3D printing for dentures? Do you want to learn 3D printing techniques from an expert?

Desktop Health® is transforming digital dentistry with the latest 3D printing technology and revolutionary new resins that deliver on our promise of Quality Without Compromise. In this comprehensive webinar led by Joshua Jakson, you’ll learn about achieving predictable, consistent results that your patients will love—with EnvisionTEC and Flexcera.

Join Mr. Jakson as he provides expert instruction and insider tips for making 3D printing technology work for your practice.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out how in-office 3D printing of dentures and hybrids with Flexcera can lead to a more standardized, efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution
  • Learn how fast, accurate results are possible with the EnvisionTEC desktop printing solution
  • Gain expert knowledge from basic to advanced applications of 3D dental printing to expand your capabilities and services


*Please note that you can only claim CE credit if you attended the live webinar broadcast.

About the Presenter

Joshua is the Founder and President of Evolve Dentistry; and is a pioneer in the Dental CAD/CAM industry, educating and installing at over 500 CAD/CAM facilities. Josh was the first licensed exocad reseller and educator in the United States, dating back to 2013. He is known for his innovative CAD workflows using the exocad software, which served as inspiration for the software that exists today. Through Evolve, he provides individuals with the knowledge and resources to integrate digital workflows successfully. He also sits as the “Director of CAD Design” at Evolution Dental Science and has personal experience manufacturing thousands of restorations using the exocad software and Envision One 3D Printer.

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