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Buckling Metamaterials for Extreme Vibration Damping

Advanced Materials 2023 Volume 35, Issue 35, Article 2301747

Damping mechanical resonances is a formidable challenge in an increasing number of applications. Many passive damping methods rely on using low stiffness, complex mechanical structures or electrical systems, which render them unfeasible in many of these applications. Herein, a new method for passive vibration damping, by allowing buckling of the primary load path in mechanical metamaterials and lattice structures, is introduced, which sets an upper limit for vibration transmission: the transmitted acceleration saturates at a maximum value in both tension and compression, no matter what the input acceleration is. This nonlinear mechanism leads to an extreme damping coefficient tanδ ≈ 0.23…

Edible meta-atoms

arXiv 2021 Condensed Matter > Soft Condensed Matter, Article 2103.14909

Metamaterials are artificial structures with unusual and superior properties that come from their carefully designed building blocks — also called meta-atoms. Metamaterials have permeated large swatches of science, including electromagnetics and mechanics. Although metamaterials hold the promise for realizing technological advances, their potential to enhance interactions between humans and materials has remained unexplored. Here, we devise meta-atoms with tailored fracture properties to control mouthfeel sensory experience. Using chocolate as a model material, we first use meta-atoms to control the fracture anisotropy and the number of cracks and demonstrate that these properties are captured in mouthfeel experience. We further use topology…