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Poly(ether ether ketone) Ionenes: Ultrahigh-Performance Polymers Meet Ionic Liquids

ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2022 Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 8365-8376

This work presents the first example of an imidazolium ionene containing aromatic ether-ketone-ether linkages inspired by poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK), a well-known ultrahigh-performance (UHP) engineering polymer. The requisite starting materials for this “PEEK ionene” were efficiently synthesized in good yields and then polymerized through condensation (Menshutkin reaction), followed by anion metathesis to form the final polymer product, which had a number-average molecular weight (Mn) of ∼90 kDa. The properties of the PEEK-ionene were thoroughly characterized, and its potential utility was demonstrated by analyzing this material as a gas separation membrane and 3D-printing this ionic UHP polymer. Thin films of this…