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Computational investigation of interface printing patterns within 3D printed multilayered scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering

Biofabrication 2022 Volume 14, Number 2, Article 025015

Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent rheumatic musculoskeletal disorder that commonly affects many joints. Repetitive joint overloading perpetuates the damage to the affected cartilage, which undermines the structural integrity of the osteochondral unit. Various tissue engineering strategies have been employed to design multiphasic osteochondral scaffolds that recapitulate layer-specific biomechanical properties, but the inability to fully satisfy mechanical demands within the joint has limited their success. Through computational modeling and extrusion-based bioprinting, we attempted to fabricate a biphasic osteochondral scaffold with improved shear properties and a mechanically strong interface. A 3D stationary solid mechanics model was developed to simulate the effect of…

3D printed biofunctionalized scaffolds for microfracture repair of cartilage defects

Biomaterials 2018 Volume 185, Pages 219-231

While articular cartilage defects affect millions of people worldwide from adolescents to adults, the repair of articular cartilage defects still remains challenging due to the limited endogenous regeneration of the tissue and poor integration with implants. In this study, we developed a 3D-printed scaffold functionalized with aggrecan that supports the cellular fraction of bone marrow released from microfracture, a widely used clinical procedure, and demonstrated tremendous improvement of regenerated cartilage tissue quality and joint function in a lapine model. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) revealed doubled thickness of the regenerated cartilage tissue in the group treated with our aggrecan functionalized scaffold…