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Polymer Materials And Their Usage In Veterinary Practice

Acta Tecnología 2022 Volume: 8, Issue: 4, Pages 109-115

In the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, the use of such materials has been included for a short time, serving not only as a replacement for damaged or missing tissue, but also as a support for the surrounding tissues and cells. Such materials should not only be passively tolerated by the cell, but should also actively promote the growth, differentiation and other processes involved in tissue regeneration. The latest approach is the use and development of bioresorbable and biodegradable polymeric materials. Such materials, with their biocompatibility, degradability and suitable mechanical properties, support the overgrowth of new tissue. The…

The Effect Of Multi-Material Printing To Flexibility

Acta Tecnología 2020 Volume 6, Pages 85-88

Currently, 3D printing is one of the popular technological production methods, mainly because it offers various options that affect the resulting properties of prints. The aim of the presented work is to manufacture a prosthetic finger with a PIP and DIP joint using multi-material 3D printing, which will allow to mimic the flexion of a physiological finger. The subject of this research and testing is the design of a combination of solid and flexible material for a monolithic finger model, which will allow the required bending in selected areas of the print.