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3D printing of architectured graphene-based aerogels by cross-linking GO inks with adjustable viscoelasticity for energy storage devices

Rare Metals 2023 Volume 42, Pages 971-981

Three-dimensional (3D) functional graphene-based architecture with superior electrical conductivity and good mechanical strength has promising applications in energy storage and electrics. Viscoelasticity-adjustable inks make it possible to achieve desired 3D architectures with interconnected and continuous interior networks by micro-extrusion printing. In this work, ultra-low-concentration graphene oxide (GO) inks of ~ 15 mg·ml−1 have been obtained and demonstrated in direct 3D printing with a facile cross-linking (direct ink writing). The rheological behavior of the GO strategy by cations, which is the lowest concentration to achieve direct ink writing inks, could be adjusted from 1×104 to 1×105 Pa·s−1 with different concentrations of cations due to strong…

3D-printed composite scaffold with anti-infection and osteogenesis potential against infected bone defects

RSC Advances 2022 Volume 12, Pages 11008-11020

In the field of orthopedics, an infected bone defect is a refractory disease accompanied by bone infection and defects as well as aggravated circulation. There are currently no personalized scaffolds that can treat bone infections using local stable and sustained-release antibiotics while providing mechanical support and bone induction to promote bone repair in the process of absorption in vivo. In our previous study, rifampicin/moxifloxacin-poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) microspheres were prepared and tested for sustained release and antibacterial activity. The composite scaffold of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)/Pearl had a positive effect on mechanics supports and promoted osteogenesis. Therefore, in this study, the…