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Bioprinting of alginate-carboxymethyl chitosan scaffolds for enamel tissue engineering in vitro

Biofabrication 2023 Volume 15, Issue 1, Article 015022

Tissue engineering offers a great potential in regenerative dentistry and to this end, three dimensional (3D) bioprinting has been emerging nowadays to enable the incorporation of living cells into the biomaterials (such a mixture is referred as a bioink in the literature) to create scaffolds. However, the bioinks available for scaffold bioprinting are limited, particularly for dental tissue engineering, due to the complicated, yet compromised, printability, mechanical and biological properties simultaneously imposed on the bioinks. This paper presents our study on the development of a novel bioink from carboxymethyl chitosan (CMC) and alginate (Alg) for bioprinting scaffolds for enamel tissue…

Effects of 3-dimensional Bioprinting Alginate/ Gelatin Hydrogel Scaffold Extract on Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Journal of Endodontics 2019 Volume 45, Issue 6, Pages 706-715

Abrasive flow machining (AFM) is a nontraditional surface finishing method that finishes complex surface by pushing the abrasive media flow through the workpiece surface. The entrance effect that the material removal increases at the entrance of changing the cross-sectional flow channel is a difficult problem for AFM. In this paper, the effects of media rheological properties on the entrance effect are discussed. To explore the effects of the media’s viscoelasticity on the entrance effect, two sets of media with different viscoelasticity properties are adopted to study their rheological and machining performances in the designed flow channel with a contraction area.…