Fuzzy Evaluation of Rapid Prototyping Methods for Latticed Silicone Pieces

Silicon 2020 Volume 12, Pages 1995-2004

In order to compare the influence of the manufacturing methods on the property of silicone samples, the latticed structure of sample are designed, the silicone material is prepared and the silicone sample are produced by 3D printing and injection molding respectively. Four performance indexes of latticed silicone parts including the error of line width, the error of quality, tensile strength at break and elongation at break are proposed and measured. A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation system for evaluating the optimal forming method of the parts is provided. The performance indexes are used as evaluation factors, and the importance degree of the factors is determined according to the expert scoring method. The ranking index and evaluation matrix of the evaluation factors are determined by comparing and analyzing the measuring results, and the generalized fuzzy synthesis algorithm is used to evaluate the performance of sample. According to the assessment results, the comprehensive performance of the silicone sample produced by 3D printing is superior to that by injection molding.