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Mechanical characterization and numerical simulation of a subcutaneous implantable 3D printed cell encapsulation system

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 2018 Volume 82, Pages 133-144

Cell transplantation in bioengineered scaffolds and encapsulation systems has shown great promise in regenerative medicine. Depending on the site of implantation, type of cells and their expected function, these systems are designed to provide cells with a physiological-like environment while providing mechanical support and promoting long-term viability and function of the graft. A minimally invasive 3D printed system termed neovascularized implantable cell homing and encapsulation (NICHE) was developed in polylactic acid for subcutaneous transplantation of endocrine cells, including pancreatic islets. The suitability of the NICHE for long term in vivo deployment is investigated by assessing mechanical behavior of both fresh…