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Development of mechanical characterization method of hydrogel scaffolds using synchrotron propagation-based imaging

University of Saskatchewan 2023 Thesis
N. Li

Hydrogel-based scaffolds have been widely used in soft tissue regeneration due to their biocompatible and tissue-like environment for maintaining cellular functions and tissue regeneration. Understanding the mechanical properties and internal microstructure of hydrogel-based scaffold, once implanted, is imperative in many tissue engineering applications and longitude studies. Notably, this has been challenging to date as various conventional characterization methods by, for example, mechanical testing (for mechanical properties) and microscope (for internal microstructure) are destructive as they require removing scaffolds from the implantation site and processing samples for characterization. Synchrotron propagation-based imaging – computed tomography (PBI-CT) is feasible and promising for non-destructive…

Alginate Gelatin

Low-density tissue scaffold imaging by synchrotron radiation propagation-based imaging computed tomography with helical acquisition mode

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 2023 Volume 30, Pages 417-429

Visualization of low-density tissue scaffolds made from hydro­gels is important yet challenging in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM). For this, synchrotron radiation propagation-based imaging computed tomography (SR-PBI-CT) has great potential, but is limited due to the ring artifacts commonly observed in SR-PBI-CT images. To address this issue, this study focuses on the integration of SR-PBI-CT and helical acquisition mode (i.e. SR-PBI-HCT) to visualize hydro­gel scaffolds. The influence of key imaging parameters on the image quality of hydro­gel scaffolds was investigated, including the helical pitch (p), photon energy (E) and the number of acquisition projections per rotation/revolution (Np), and, on…