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Prototyping an additive co-fabrication workflow for architecture: utilizing cyanobacterial MICP in robotic deposition

Research Directions: Biotechnology Design 2023 Volume 1, Article E12

With the increasing need for architectural sustainability, biodesign offers a new approach to incorporating living organisms in building materials. Bacteria hold a range of biological activities that impact their environment, and which could enable the solidification of inorganic materials; this has already been seen with microbially-induced carbonate precipitation that strengthens bonds between sand particles. This paper describes the novel development of an additive co-fabrication manufacturing process, demonstrating an interdisciplinary approach of architecture and microbiology. Specifically, the activity of a biological deposition (i.e., cyanobacterial calcium carbonate precipitation) and its integration with that of a robotic deposition (i.e., a sand-based biomixture) within…