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Engineered biomechanical microenvironment of articular chondrocytes based on heterogeneous GelMA hydrogel composites and dynamic mechanical compression

Biomaterials Advances 2023 Volume 153, Article 213567

Tissue-engineered articular cartilage constructs are currently not able to equal native tissues in terms of mechanical and biological properties. A major cause lies in the deficiency in engineering the biomechanical microenvironment (BMME) of articular chondrocytes. In this work, to engineer the BMME of articular chondrocytes, heterogeneous hydrogel structures of gelatin methacrylated (GelMA) containing differential-stiffness domains were first fabricated, and then periodic dynamic mechanical stimulations were applied to the hydrogel structures. The chondrocyte phenotype of ATDC5 cells was enhanced as the spatial differentiation in stiffness was increased in the hydrogel structures and was further strengthened by dynamic mechanical stimulation. It was…