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Biologically Enhanced Starch Bio-Ink for Promoting 3D Cell Growth

Advanced Materials Technologies 2021 Volue 6, Issue 12, Article 2100551

The excellent rheological property has legitimated the suitability of starch hydrogel for extrusion-based 3D printing. However, the inability to promote cell attachment and migration has precluded the non-modified starch hydrogel from direct applications in the biomedical field. Herein, a novel 3D printable nanocomposite starch hydrogel is developed with highly enhanced biocompatibility for promoting 3D cell growth, by formulating with gelatin nanoparticles and collagen. The rheological evaluation reveals the shear-thinning and thixotropic properties of the starch-based hydrogel, as well as the combinatorial effect of collagen and gelatin nanoparticles on maintaining printability and 3D shape fidelity. The homogeneous microporous structure with abundant…