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A Flexible and Polymer-Based Chemiresistive CO2 Gas Sensor at Room Temperature

Advanced Materials Technologies 2023 Volume 8, Issue 10, Article 2201510

CO2 sensing is important in many applications ranging from air-quality monitoring to food packaging. In this study, an amine-functionalized copolymer, poly(N-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-methacrylamide-co-2-N-morpholinoethyl methacrylate) (p(D-co-M)) is synthesized, offering moderate basicity suitable for a wide CO2 detection range. Taking advantage of this characteristic of p(D-co-M), this polymer is used for designing a chemiresistive, low-cost, flexible, and reversible CO2 sensor. The p(D-co-M)-based sensors show a noticeable decrease in their direct current resistance and alternating current impedance upon exposure to a wide range of CO2 concentration (1–100%) at room temperature with a response and a recovery time of 6 and 14 min, respectively. Additionally, the…

A Polymer-Based Chemiresistive Gas Sensor for Selective Detection of Ammonia Gas

Advanced Sensor Research 2024 Volume 3, Issue 1, Article 2300125

Breath analysis is a non-invasive tool used in medical diagnosis. However, the current generation of breath analyzers is expensive, time-consuming, and requires sample gas separation. In this work, a simple, yet effective, low-cost ammonia gas sensor based on poly(2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid) is presented for non-invasive medical diagnosis. The designed sensor has a broad detection range to ammonia gas up to 1000 ppm with a limit of detection of 30 ppb. This is a robust sensor, which functions at high relative humidity (RH) (>90%) and exhibits consistent electrical responses under different test conditions. The result of a blind test validates the sensor’s…