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The digital printing of chromatic pattern with a single cellulose nanocrystal ink

Chemical Engineering Journal 2022 Volume 439, Article 135670

Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), a type of natural photonic crystal, have been used to develop various optical materials owing to their chiral nematic organization, renewability, sustainability, and abundance. However, scaling up the production of CNC-based photonic materials remains challenging because of their long self-assembly time, inevitable assembly defects, static optical properties, and brittle nature. To address these drawbacks, the current study introduces flexible photonic hydrogels with chromatic patterns that are 3D printed using CNC-based inks. These viscoelastic inks were composed of photopolymerizable monomers and CNCs that harbored high aspect ratios. The luminance and color difference of the patterns in the photonic…

Three-dimensional printing of chemically crosslinked gelatin hydrogels for adipose tissue engineering

Biofabrication 2020 Volume 12, Number 2, Article 025001

Despite their outstanding potential and the success that has already been achieved with three-dimensional (3D) printed hydrogel scaffolds, there has been little investigation into their application in the regeneration of damaged or missing adipose tissue (AT). Due to their macroscopic shape, microarchitecture, extracellular matrix-mimicking structure, degradability and soft tissue biomimetic mechanical properties, 3D printed hydrogel scaffolds have great potential for use in aesthetic, structural and functional restoration of AT. Here, we propose a simple and cost-effective 3D printing strategy using gelatin-based ink to fabricate scaffolds suitable for AT engineering. The ink, successfully printed here for the first time, was prepared…