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A novel vehicle-like drug delivery 3D printing scaffold and its applications for a rat femoral bone repairing in vitro and in vivo

International Journal of Biological Sciences 2020 Volume 16, Issue 11, Pages 1821-1832

The high surface area ratio and special structure of mesoporous bioactive glass (MBG) endow it with excellent physical adsorption of various drugs without destroying the chemical activity. Silicate 1393 bioactive glass (1393) is famous for its fantastic biodegradability and osteogenesis. Herein, we have built a novel vehicle-like drug delivery 3D printing scaffold with multiplexed drug delivery capacity by coating MBG on the surface of 1393 ([email protected]). Furthermore, we have applied DEX and BMP-2 on the [email protected] scaffold to endow it with antibacterial and osteogenic properties. Results indicated that this [email protected] scaffold could effectively load and controlled release BMP-2, DNA and…