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Carboxymethyl cellulose-agarose-gelatin: A thermoresponsive triad bioink composition to fabricate volumetric soft tissue constructs

SLAS Technology 2023 Volume 28, Issue 3, Pages 183–198

Polysaccharide based hydrogels have been predominantly utilized as ink materials for 3D bioprinting due to biocompatibility and cell responsive features. However, most hydrogels require extensive crosslinking due to poor mechanical properties leading to limited printability. To improve printability without using cytotoxic crosslinkers, thermoresponsive bioinks could be developed. Agarose is a thermoresponsive polysaccharide with upper critical solution temperature (UCST) for sol-gel transition at 35–37 °C. Therefore, we hypothesized that a triad of carboxymethyl cellulose(C)–agarose(A)–gelatin(G) could be a suitable thermoresponsive ink for printing since they undergo instantaneous gelation without any addition of crosslinkers after bioprinting. The blend of agarose-carboxymethyl cellulose was mixed with…

Efficient dual crosslinking of protein–in–polysaccharide bioink for biofabrication of cardiac tissue constructs

Biomaterials Advances 2023 Volume 152,Article 213486

Myocardial infarction (MI) is a lethal cardiac disease that causes most of the mortality across the world. MI is a consequence of plaque in the arterial walls of heart, which eventually result in occlusion and ischemia to the myocardial tissues due to inadequate nutrient and oxygen supply. As an efficient alternative to the existing treatment strategies for MI, 3D bioprinting has evolved as an advanced tissue fabrication technique where the cell–laden bioinks are printed layer–by–layer to create functional cardiac patches. In this study, a dual crosslinking strategy has been utilized towards 3D bioprinting of myocardial constructs by using a combination…