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Multi-material 3D printing of piezoelectric and triboelectric integrated nanogenerators with voxel structure

Chemical Engineering Journal 2023 Volume 471, Article 144770

Flexible and highly filled piezoelectric nanogenerators with excellent performance play an indispensable role in portable electronic devices, while the bottlenecks are hard to improve the polarization efficiency and prepare three-dimensional (3D) amplifying effect structure. Compared with other typical 3D printing technologies, direct ink writing multi-material printing (DIW-M3D), can extrude multiple viscoelastic ink materials with a wide selection of materials, which has the advantage of integrated multi-material processing. However, there are fewer reports on the use of DIW-M3D technology to print functional composite materials. Inspired from Lego block structures, we utilized DIW-M3D technology to prepare fabrications with alternating arrangements of piezoelectric…

Additively manufactured BaTiO3 composite scaffolds: A novel strategy for load bearing bone tissue engineering applications

Materials Science and Engineering: C 2021 Volume 126, Article 112192

Piezoelectric ceramics, such as BaTiO3, have gained considerable attention in bone tissue engineering applications thanks to their biocompatibility, ability to sustain a charged surface as well as improve bone cells’ adhesion and proliferation. However, the poor processability and brittleness of these materials hinder the fabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds for load bearing tissue engineering applications. For the first time, this study focused on the fabrication and characterisation of BaTiO3 composite scaffolds by using a multi-material 3D printing technology. Polycaprolactone (PCL) was selected and used as dispersion phase for its low melting point, easy processability and wide adoption in bone tissue engineering.…