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Determination of geometrical and viscoelastic properties of PLA/PHB samples made by additive manufacturing for urethral substitution

Journal of Biotechnology 2018 Volume 284, Pages 123-130

Additive manufacturing has a great potential for creating hard tissue substitutes, such as bone and cartilage, or soft tissues, such as vascular and skin grafts. This study is a pilot study for 3D printing of a new material mixture potentially used as a tubular substitute for urethra replacement. This new mixture is a blend of polylactic acid (PLA) and polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). The basic aspect that affects the 3D printing process is correct material preparation and setting of 3D printer parameters. Selection of material and printing parameters depend on printing technology. The printing technology affects material behavior during printing process. The…

Use of 3D Printing to Prototype a Custom Shape Memory Alloy Penile Prosthesis

The Journal of Urology 2018 Volume 197, Number, 4, Pages e313ff

Three-dimensional (3D) printing or additive printing is a new technology that allows for construction of complex shapes and designs outside the constraints of traditional manufacturing techniques. Traditional 3D printing was limited to thermosensitive plastics that have limited medical applications. Herein, we describe the application of a cutting edge process that allows for 3D printing of shape memory alloys (SMA) using inks of shape memory alloy powder. Using our previously described concept of a SMA penile prosthesis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, we sought to construct an intracavernosal cylinder using 3D printing technology.